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My trip to Yangtze River 3

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After a late lunch we were exited to board the ship. It was a misty day the river water was yellow after few days' rain. We went forward with great strength and vigor, heading for our fleet, President 1. We had nice cabin with balcony. We were ready to spend 3 days on this fleet. We would have 4 excursions to Fengdu Ghost City, Baidi City(White Emperor City, Shengnong Stream and Three Gorge Dam.)

On June 30, we were woke up by an alert in the early morning. After breakfast we were told that the ship was unable to move duo to the thick frog. We would not reach Fengdu Ghost City until 2pm. With a boring morning we finally would set off for Fengdu.

Here we arrived. After walking of 300 step we were brought to the foot of the hill by golf car. Fengdu Ghost City was said to be a hell full of human being's soul. Actually it is place filled with China culture, such as Confucianism,Buddhism and Taoism.Now it is called as City of Spirit. Here you are going to have view of lot of temples. Each of them present a traditional religion culture.

Before Three Gorge Dam Project in 2002. Fengdu was like a deserted town with scared atmosphere. Now it become vivid and with lot of shops.