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Chinese Lover's Day

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 This festival is from a miserable love legend. It is said that a young cowherd named Niulang falls in love with a beautiful fairy called Zhinu.

 The Goddess of Heaven prevents the marriage. Taking out her hairpin, the Goddess scratches a river in the sky to separate the two lovers forever thus forming the Milky Way.

Zhinu is sitting by the side of the river and seeking a possibility for a glance at the Niulang. On the other side of the river, Niulang watches her from afar. Day after day the river is full of her tears. Niulang turns into Alta and Zhinu become Vega. Finally the Goddess is moved by their love and ratifies a treaty that they meet each other once a year on the 7th day of July(Lunar calendar).From then on every year on July 7 all the magpies fly up into heaven to form a bridge over the Milky Way for their meeting.

Now Chinese people consider the 7 day of lunar July is a date for lover’s meeting.