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Shenyang City

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Shenyang, the capital city of Liaoning Province, is situated in the northern bank of Hun River. Shenyang is also the important industrial base and the famous historical and cultural city in China. As Shenyang is rich in tourist resources, it is one of the first Excellent Tourist Cities in China. It is full of historic figures and cultural heritage.

Shenyang City has a large number of places of historical interest, such as Fuling Mausoleum, Zhaoling Mausoleum, Imperial Palace Museum, Xinle Site Museum, Yemaotai Tomb, Yongan Stone Bridge and the like. Besides Imperial Palace in Beijing, Shenyang Imperial Palace, which was the residence of Nurhachi and Huang Taiji, is the only royal architectural complex with high historical and artistic value in China.

Guaipo Scenic Area which is located in Qingshuitai Town of Shenyang City is a strange slope with the length of 80 meters and width of 15 meters. It is high in the west and low in the east. When a car is parked at the foot of the slope, people are surprised to find that the car is going up the slope automatically. This strange phenomenon becomes more obvious when people are riding bikes on it. People need not pedal when they go up the slope, instead, the bike can skid rapidly to the top of the slope. However, people must pedal hard with great force when they go down the slope. There have been various interpretations of the causes of the slope’s formation, but no final conclusion has yet been reached on this matter. Now, taking the slope as the center, the scenic area with more than 20 scenic spots has been developed. And a sophora flower festival party is held there in May annually.

The delicious food in Shenyang City which enjoys a long history and concentrates the essence of famous Chinese dishes has formed its own unique features. Besides, a large variety of famous flavor snacks are concentrated there so that people can fully satisfy their taste buds in Shenyang. As about every famous dish has its own historical literary quotation or legend, people can feel pleasant when they are enjoying the delicious dish.

Shenyang is a city full of vigor, dynamism and variety. People can enjoy what they like and experience what they have not seen in Shenyang. So, if I have time in future, I will go to visit Shenyang again to enjoy something quite colorful and fresh.