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Travel to Beijing

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Being the capital of the People’s Republic of China and one of the six ancient cities, it is one of most visited places in the world. Beijing receives millions of visitors and tourists every year, who come to experience all the wonders and beauties that lie in its land.

This is one city that has so many adventures and amazing experiences packed up for you, that you will have a hard time deciding which places should be visited first. You might get out of time, but you will still have hundreds of tourist spots left to be seen. No wonder it is known as a city that never sleeps, as one can find places to visit and activities to engage in at every hour of the day.

To visit this city and take the most out of it, you may need ample time in your hands. If that is not the case and you can only spare a few days, you have to make sure to visit all those spots which just can not be missed. Such attractions and experiences which top the list are mentioned below, without which your trip would simply be incomplete.

The Forbidden City is one such place that you MUST visit, as soon as you have landed. This is just the right place to begin your tour with. This enormous palace that has 9,999 rooms and is spread over an area of 250 acres was built during the time of 1406-1420. The number of rooms is just one short for reaching 1000, as this is believed as representing the “Divine Perfection” by the ancient Chinese. It is the largest and the best preserved palace in the world, and has been functioning as the administrative center of the country.

The next spot that you should definitely visit is the Great Wall in Beijing. This is known as one of the “Eight Wonders” of the world. The purpose of building this wall was to keep the invaders away and ensure safety of the inhabitants. One of the sections of The Great Wall of China which is present in Beijing should certainly be a part of your visit.

Once you have devoured the sites of the Forbidden City and The Great wall, your next stop should be at Tiananmen Square. This is located in the heart of Beijing and is considered to be a symbol of not only Beijing, but the whole of China. This square has been associated with a number of historical events and is the largest central city square in the world.

Apart from visiting these historical places which serve as a symbol of culture and heritage to Beijing and China, you may also want to spend some time shopping and pampering yourself. The best place to visit for buying at great deals and choosing from a wide variety, you must visit Wang Fu Jing Street. Here you will experience a wide range of shopping options as there are two western styled malls located here.

  At visiting this street you would find a number of cafes, where you can spend some time having a snack or just giving some rest to your tired feet. You can also visit this place to dine at a restaurant, watch movies, buy souvenirs, or shop at a departmental store for some high quality electronics at reasonable prices. Also, for buying clothes for the remaining days left of your visit, you can visit one of the many fashions stores that are located here.