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My First visit to China

Last updated by bhopindersingh at 2010/10/18; Destinations:

For the longest time I wanted to go the Canton fair. Last year I made up my mind and booked tickets on my airline points. I made an itenarary of goig to Guangzhou, shanghai and beijing.

Going to Guangzhou was an amazing experience. The Canton fair was huge. All kinds of people from all over the world can be seen there. Every body were looking at different things from their trade angle. Well organised, this fair has three segments, I went in the first segment and was looking in my field of automotive.

From canton I went to   Shanghai for Auto Shanghai. This was also very crowded. New car models  were launched.

My last stop was Beijing. This was my pleasure trip. I went to see Great wall , Tianamen square, etc.

Pepole  were friendly wherever I went.