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Being lazy, post office troubles, clothes, 88 Bar, Tom, and more hostel things.

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 If you are wondering why I haven't posted about anything the past couple of days, it's because I haven't really done anything haha.

I just sat and read and lazed about for two days, then yesterday I get a text and call from some delivery guy saying that my package was at the university, but he didn't know where to put it (and I didn't answer the phone) so he put it next to the technology building on the opposite side of campus(West Gate).

I laze around a bit, then around 1pm I set out to get my forever 21 package, and pick up my tailored dress out of the South Gate.

I get to the West Gate, and luckily I saw the building I needed in the distance(I looked up a picture of the building on Google). After walking around it, I found a room filled to the brim with boxes and packages. The people working only spoke the Sichuan dialect, so I knew this was going to be a long search. We all start looking for my package, and they keep asking what my Chinese name was because they thought my Chinese name would be on it, but I told them the box would have my English name (there are a million ways you could translate 'Maria Cole' into Chinese-who is to say it would exactly have 柯玫佳)?

A random student comes in and helps me speak to the workers, and we continue searching. They called the delivery guy, but he didn't know what we were talking about.20 minutes after the girl shows up, the delivery guy comes back, and asks what my cell number was. I show him and he, for some weird reason, remembers my number and my package. He goes to where the envelopes were and hands me the smallest, little envelope. I was confused, but then I realized it was customs saying they had my package and I had to claim it. I showed the workers, and I thanked them for all their help (I told them it would be a big box of clothes, not a small envelops of course).

One problem: I can't go to the post office/customs because it's closed on the holidays, and guess who has a week straight holiday right now? YAY CHINA. Don't get me wrong, I have LOVED this week break, but my jeans barely fit, and I'm tired of looking like I'm wearing gangsta pants.


I decided I needed some fresh air and walk the 10 minute walk to the South Gate. I see my dress, and I'm so excited: it looks just like the picture I gave them. I put it one once I got back to the hostel, and realized that it didn't fit my waist (by at least 4 inches-of course the chest part of the dress fit perfectly). I guess I've even lost weight since I had the dress made for me 1.5 weeks ago. The dress was made with a box tie/sash, so I just made it fit that way. I'll eventually go back and get it re-sized.

What I've also been doing at the hostel is meeting many other travelers my age, older, and much older. I went out with a group of people, who live near Hong Kong and teach English, to the Shamrock bar and just relaxed and talked.

Last night I went to the famous 88 bar with 3 other people I met: 1 girl from North Carolina, and 2 boys from California.

We had a blast. I was already doing great due to the small bar we have at the hostel, so we left for 88 around 1am. There's one thing I have to say about China that I will never get tired of: Western privilege. If you look Western, yay for my blonde hair and whiteness, you can get in any club for free, and the moment you walk up (it makes their club or bar look better if they have foreigners in them). Chinese people will always buy your drinks, and they always want to dance with you (thank you for my dancing lessons, American culture). Sometimes they will even give you the VIP card to their club and you can get your own personal sitting area above the club. I swear I'll never get tired of being spoiled like this. I know for a fact clubs back home wouldn't do this for me (other people yes, bust not me-I better love this while it lasts).

It also helps that most of the songs they play are all current American hit songs. I hate Katy Perry's song "California Girls", but while I'm China and that song comes on, I might as well be a California girl they way I dance and sing it.

That's about it. This is my last full stay at the hostel, and I'm just going to read and relax. Tom the kitten is sitting on my chest while I'm typing this. My friends Maggie and Murphey, the bartenders/ people you give your food orders to, found a bunch of kittens for sale on their way to work for 15kuai(less than $3). They bought one (Tom) and now he lives at the