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Hangzhou- silk, bridge, lake

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Hangzhou Silk is the land of celebrity, where the start of the "Silk Road" formed from the second century BC, the Chinese connection with the mysterious West Asia

"On sky is heaven, the earth is Christ, Second Asia" (Chinese Proverb)

Hangzhou Jiangnan Region, capital of Zhejiang province, 180 km from Shanghai, is one of the most prosperous cities in China, was named to heaven on earth place with more beauty to troubled hearts.

Penglai beautiful place title

On a spring afternoon, I went to Hangzhou. Hangzhou greeted me with the sunset's red sun was slowly falling down the West Lake.

Lei Feng distant tower of polished light fill dimensional shimmer become quaint and quiet. Chilly early morning sun will, Tay Ho, a film the enchanting, blue water, simmer a short moment ripples back each time when winds over the lake.

Around the lake are the willow leaves dust-like appearance of the rabbit hole beauties are leaning mirror. West Lake has an area of approximately 6 km2, Legend is where her Tay Thi, one of the four great beauties of China was the incarnation. Step foot on the boat, I went to West Lake scenery enjoy clear rose 10 beauty that Qianlong emperor was dedicated to this place: Morning Spring on the Su Causeway, glorious birds singing in the willow dust, fish eel ponds below the flowers, lotus flavor sometimes slightly curved side pitch, tone pm at Nanping Mountain, white water collect on a smooth lake, the moonlight reflecting three water lagoons, Lei Feng Tower in the twilight, snow, standing on the bridge fractured and clouds squeezed between two mountains ...

Hangzhou is also known as paradise on earth where - Photos: Thy An

West Lake is not far way Linh An Pagoda, one of the 10 largest Chinese temple with 1,600 years of history and how waste was manic.

Song Dynasty, the temple had a 9 floor building, 18 families, 72 halls and more than 3,000 monks increased ... Today, the temple is extremely spacious with 500 statues of La Han enough face and posture.

Most of the cliff sculptures of the temple is elaborately carved with numerous Buddha statues and imposing majesty.

Lean back at the mountain temple Phi Lai Feng (meaning "flying mountain") associated with the legendary monks of Public Health (Health nuts) steal the bride.

At a cliff there and depressions on a flat stone bed, the bed is considered Public Health, it is assumed that visitors to touch this place will be very lucky.

The chicken and beef stock Bang Su Dong Pha

Hangzhou is famous for Tea (in tea dragon well). The name of Tea Emperor Qianlong by the book when he traveled Jiangnan region in the bottom hole saw shimmering shade shaped like a flying dragon tea. From time Manchu Emperor Kangxi life, the style is Tea Royal Tea.

Today is National Tea Tea in China, dedicated to entertaining the guests. Hangzhou there are many tea shops, tourists can visit to witness the processing of tea, then instructions on how to use tea to tune.

The State of chicken, braised meat dishes is the East Phase visitors do not forget to enjoy when visiting Hangzhou. The Bang own chicken stew, whole, people with lotus leaves, taste a little strange, delicious. The State called because chicken is the state alphabet to find recipes.

As for the braised meat dishes is a bit like the East phase of the Vietnam meat storage vessel. When you taste this, each person is given a small cup of soil, which has a greasy piece of meat, the taste is also quite attractive. The reason meat stock is called Christ Eastern Phase (a giant bowl of Tang-Song Dynasty) under his processing into this dish.

Thanh Tong show

Will be extremely flawed as to if this place, tourists do not visit the Song Thanh. It also recreate the activities of the Song Dynasty to the gate with armed guards, was the scene of the Song Dynasty people travel and trade activities, entertainment.

Special guests should enjoy the show The Romance of the Song Dynasty extremely spectacular, with the participation of over 300 skilled dancers and the support of laser technology.

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Change Currency: 1 yuan ≈ 2.600d

In order to Hangzhou: to fly to Shanghai with Shanghai budget airline, then take the high speed train "D" to Hangzhou takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes, or take the bus.