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Tianjin- industrial place

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Tianjin is a port city in northern China, the scale of 11 million people, to Beijing about a half hour drive. Recently a series of senior officials, is fluent in English and ambitious, was appointed to build the Tianjin Economic Technical Development (TEDA), with the aim of exploring a new path for economic development country's economy. Mr. Ni Xiangyu, Vice Chairman of TEDA, said: "We have a responsibility to create a model not too expensive about money or the environment. This will be a model for heavy industrial areas in northern and western China. " He'd say to let the two zones are flat in the east coast, where the economic boom decades.


Tianjin is home to the current Prime Minister, Wen Jiabao, Wen was taking place as "experimental" efforts to overcome problems that arise after decades of growth, is also a way to realize economic International Communist Party of China outlined in the 17th Congress of the past. Premier Wen had said: "The model of the current economic growth is inefficient. This can be clearly seen in the energy consumption and waste too serious environmental pollution. " Premier Wen himself has many policies to redirect the economy, but his efforts are considered half due to lack of a specific model to evaluate.


Now the people of Tianjin are building a dream city to focus its high-tech factories, skilled labor force and the ecological environment has not been compromised despite the current environment is to live in Tianjin city level and severe lack of fresh water.


The basis for this dream is the ability to synchronize the city of Tianjin with Beijing in the future, when high-speed railway, connecting the two ultra-modern city and shorten travel time to 30 minutes . Tianjin and Beijing is also home to the best universities of China, if united, this will be the focus areas of gray matter world's largest - Vice Chairman of TEDA he explained.