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The Distinctive Guangzhou City

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As we all know that the 2010 Asian Games was held in Guangzhou, Guangzhou has become a famous modern city at home and abroad. As a highly developed city, Guangzhou did not abandon its traditional customs. I went to Guangzhou during the spring festival last year with my friends. We not only satisfied our stomachs, but also experienced and appreciated the traditional cuntoms of Guangzhou, memorable and unforgettable.

First of all, we went to the famous Flower Fair, which is the most traditional custom in Guangzhou during the spring festival. The Flower Fair is also named the Flower City in Guangzhou. As Guangzhou natives are passionately fond of flowers, flowers grow in almost every family. On New Year's Eve, it’s a tradition for people in Guangzhou to go to the Flower Fair. The Flower Fair begins about 3 or 4 days before the Spring Festival and the most brilliant part is in New Year’s Eve. The government devotes major efforts to decorating the street every year.

The Spring Festival Flower Fair, which is held every year and becomes famous at home and abroad, is a unique folk custom. It is held in eight flower streets of Guangzhou every year, including flower fairs of Xihu Road and Jiaoyu Road in Yuexiu District, Dashatou Sanma Road Flower Fair of Dongshan District, Liwan North Road Flower Fair in Liwan District, Jiangnan West Road Flower Fair in Haizhu District, Tianhe East Road Flower Fair in Tianhe District, Dashadi Flower Fair in Huangpu District, Huadi Flower Fair in Fangcun District and Dajie Flower Fair in Baiyun District. The annual Flower Fair begins on December 28 of lunar calendar and comes to an end at the wee hours on the first day of the Lunar New Year.

The Flower Fair in Guangzhou enjoys a long history and has been practiced from early times, which is closely related to the history and culture, traditional folk custom, advantageous geographical position and good natural environment of Guangzhou, providing marvelous growing conditions for all kinds of flowers. Guangzhou has a subtropical climate and the annual average temperature is 21.7 ℃. The annual rainfall is 1982.7 mm. It’s neither too hot in summer nor too cold in winter.

A great variety of fresh flowers are blooming in profusion everywhere in the flower fair streets and the streets are bright with flowers. People who visit the Flower Fair will buy some flowers for happiness and good luck. People can enjoy bright flowers in full bloom there. Flowers of all sorts are blooming in a riot of color. There are flowers all the year round.

Besides, on Feb. 14th, we went to enjoy the lion dance performance. During the spring festival, lion dance performance is one of the most exciting activities in Guangzhou, attracting people at home and abroad. It is said by the local people that the lion dance performance can bring people good luck and break misfortune in a new year. During the process of lion dance performance, the firecrackers are crackling and spluttering and the deafening loud music is going on and on. According to the folk customs, the deafening noise of firecrackers can frighten off the evil and greet the blessings from all directions. In the local place, when the new companies come into existence every year, they all tend to invite the lion dance performance to perform in front of the gate of the companies, hoping to produce a rousing business.

What’s more, the most exciting activity is Guangzhou New Year Fireworks Entertainment. Guangzhou New Year fireworks entertainment is usually held on the first  day of the first month of Chinese calendar, lasting from 20:30 to 21:00. People who come from far and near pour into Bai’e Pool to enjoy a spectacular display of fireworks, celebrating the joyous spring festival. At 8:30 in the evening that day, all the lights on the square black out and the sky soon shines with the light from the fireworks. People can admire the perfect fireworks on the Pearl River cruise ship. A variety of colorful fireworks crackle across the sky, bringing people a tender, romantic, holy and pure feeling. Besides, most of the citizens take photos of the colorful fireworks, keeping the exciting moment.

So if I have chance, I will travel to Guangzhou again to enjoy the modern city with precious traditional customs.