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The Unforgettable Spring Festival in Shenyang

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Last year, during the Spring Fesival, my family and I went to Shenyang, the capital city of Liaoning Province to visit my aunt there. We spent a perfect Spring Festival and winter holiday there, hoping to go there again. Though the winter in Shenyang is very cold, we went outside to enjoy the activities and fetivals with winter characteristics. We went to many places, such as Shenyang Royal Temple Fair, Shenyang International Ice and Snow Festival and Spring Festival Lanterns.

We went to Shenyang Royal Temple on February 3rd in Heping District of Shenyang. Shenyang Royal Temple, which is also called Shisheng Temple, was built in 1636. It is a large Lama Temple of Shenyang with a long history. Shenyang Royal Temple Fair is one of the top 4 brand temple fairs in China, lasting from January 28th to February 5th. In the Royal Temple Fair, there are a great variety of activities and food, including various performances, folk custom activity, trade shows, local smacks, the exhibition of precious jades and many other kinds of interesting activities. Royal Temple will become a good place for people to admire folk custom and spend the spring festival. During the Royal Temple fair, there are crowds of visitors from everywhere. Besides, there are more than 30 famous snacks from all over the country, including the traditional mutton skewers, beggar chicken, oyster omelet of Taiwan and many other flavor smacks from all parts of China.

What’s more, there are also wrestling performance, art and craft goods, performances of acrobatic tricks and simple conjuring and other exciting performances with unique folk custom, showing the profound culture of Shenyang and attracting a large number of visitors at home and abroad.

On Febuary 10th, we went to Shenyang International Ice and Snow Festival in Qipanshan Grand World of Ice and Snow. Shenyang International Ice and Snow Festival is a popular winter resort in Northeast China and has made great contributions to the development of the tourism in Shenyang and even in Liaoning Province. The festival is usually held from January to early March in Qipanshan Grand World of Ice and Snow, Northeast Asia Ski Resort, Shenyang International Horticultural Expo Garden, Baiqingzhai Ski Resort and other famous ski resorts in Shenyang City. During the festival, there are a great variety of large-scale activities, including lantern show, recreation, ice-snow carnival, interactive activity and appreciation, blending ice-snow tourism and folk culture together and attracting numerous tourists from home and abroad every winter.

The festival is composed of the Ice and Snow Sculpture Area, the Entertainment Area and the Alpine Skiing Area. In Ice and Snow Sculpture Area, tourists can enjoy all kinds of snow carvings, such as palaces, huge animals and natural landscape. In Entertainment Area, tourists can enjoy themselves with a great variety of ski equipments and take an active part in all kinds of activities, including racing, skating in the evening, shooting and playing football on the snow. Besides, all kinds of new activities hold every year give tourists a real surprise. In Alpine Skiing Area, ski equipments can be rented and adventurous and exciting activities provide tourists an unforgettable experience. Besides, tourists can also enjoy the performances with folk customs, such as folklore performance and circus shows.

Besides, the spring festival lantern is a must-go place in Shenyang. Viewing the lanterns is the traditional folk entertainment of residents in Shenyang. Since 1987, the spring festival lanterns have been held in Taiyuan Street, city square and many large parks during Mid-January and Mid-February, showing the unique lantern exhibition of Shenyang. The lantern exhibition includes colored lights, simple and elegant palace lanterns and ice lanterns of various shapes, bringing together shape, color, sound and light and embodying a concentrated feature of delicacy, subtlety, beauty and ingenuity.

There are also a large number of festivals and activities during the spring festival in Shenyang. We all hope to go to Shenyang this year again to enjoy its other featured activities during the spring fwstival.