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China Travel with A Difference

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China is second to none where history and culture is concerned. As one of the oldest civilizations and countries, it contains a wealth of places to visit. For that matter, it sits on top of the list in places to visit for many travelers. It offers individuals an experience that is simply unique and can only be found in China and only in China alone.
To begin with, China is second to none where natural beauty is involved. Travelers come from near and far for the avalanche of scenic and picturesque destinations. They do not only make for postcard-like photos but also come along with a host of different legends, local folklore and history all evenly mixed.

Among the hundreds of unique destinations, we would like to start off with a lesser-known destination. This would serve to be a warm welcome for the millions of travelers who enjoy basking in the sun and sandy beaches. Although China is not commonly known for its beaches other than that in Repulse Bay, Hong Kong, there is actually somewhat a beach culture for those who know where to look. Hainan, a province in Southern China is among one of the unique islands that is a firm favorite among beach lovers. It contains the largest ocean-land ratio among all China; in other words, the majority of its area is surrounded by the ocean. Among the top destinations in Hainan would be Dadonghai and Yalong bay. Tropical beach lovers would be basking in pure ecstasy in these two destinations! It is among our personal favorites and top of our list for return trips!
For those who happen to be avid golfers, China has been increasingly becoming a top golfing destination in recent times. While this may seem to be odd for some due to its traditional ways and facilities to some extent, there are several championship-material golf courses with state-of-the art facilities and on par with some of the best in the world. China golf tours and holiday packages are increasingly becoming main itineraries for China holiday packages and tours.

Individuals who happen to enjoy traveling and are food connoisseurs will be delighted to know that there are a host of different Gastronomy Tours about. It serves to highlight some of China's best well-kept secrets and recipes; some of them dating back to ancient China. The cuisine in China is diversified given the diverse culture and large number of different ethnic groups that make up Chinese population. The eating and drinking in China travel is bound to satisfy the most complex of taste buds.

Those who live to shop would be overjoyed to know that China is a haven for shoppers.  With an abundance in shopping outlets from the most modern and large mega shopping malls in major Chinese cities to small and cozy street markets in local provinces.

China has so much to offer to avid travelers and catering to all kinds of different travel and holidays. As a travel destination, it is totally unique with so much to do and so many places to see.