Chongqing East Spa

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Chongqing hot spring is a world-class travel resource. Only Budapest, the capital of Hungry, which is known as the city of hot spring, can be mentioned with that of Chongqing in the same breath. There are four famous spas in Chongqing, West Spa, South Spa, North Spa and East Spa. East Spa is the best among these four spas. Different with other 3 spas, which are all independent spa pools, East spa is a hot spring area along with many spa hotels.

In East Spa area, there are 24 renowned attractions, such as Hot Holes, Buddha Cave, Cliff Plank Road. A hot spring in the downstream of Guanjin gap, the west bank of Wubu River, is regarded as Holy Water by local people. Whatever summer or winter, day or night, both men and women take nude bath in this hot spring together without any bashfulness, which is a wonder of folklore with a history of over 600 years. With the change of secular attitude, more and more tourists come here for completely being close to nature and away from the bustle and hustle city life.

East Spa area is a quality hot spring with rich hot spring resource. It contains cool springs and hot springs. People can enjoy it all the year round. The highest water temperature reaches 52 degree. The water is kind of very valuable medical and mineral water with lots of mineral contents that good for health.

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XiuQuanYingYue Hot Spring Garden Hotel

No.102, Zheng Street, East Hot Spring Town, Banan District, Chongqing City.

How to Get There?

Chongqing Airport Group Co.Ltd—Nanping—East Spa Chongqing Caiyuanba Train Station/Longtou Temple North Train Station—Nanping—East Spa

Take buses from Nanping to East Spa at Nanping Bus Station.

 Ticket Price: 12 yuan, departure time: 7:30—18:00, travel time: 90 minutes.

Take buses from Yudong to East Spa at YuDongYuHuLuKou Bus Station. Ticket Price: 12 yuan, departure time: 5:50—15:50

Ticket Price:

Over 488 yuan, at least including indoor hot spring pools, double breakfast, double free open-air spa.

Opening Hours:

8:00 am-2:00 am in the following day

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