Dachang Ancient Town

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Located at the world-famous Three Gorge area , Dachang ancient town has a long history of over 1700 years and it used to be the best preserved ancient town in this area. With the building of the Three Gorge Project, this old town would be completely under water and therefore the local government began to make a copy of this town at another place which is about 5 kilometers from the original site in the year 2004. They spent a lot of money moving the movable things and making copies of the immovable . The whole job was completed in the year 2007 and the new Dachang Ancient Town was opened to public in Oct, 2007. It was almost the same lay out as the original and the north-south street was about 200 meters long , while the east-west street was over 150 meters long.

As the ancient town is situated in the mountainous area and the topography here has always been very complicated, as early as the Spring--autumn period in the 6th century BC, it had already become a place of much strategical and military importance. Before the beginning of the Three Gorge Project, there were lots of groups of Ming and Qing dynasty style buildings, including some quadrangles in the ancient town. And there were three city gates that had been very well protected, in front of which old stone lions could be seen. In the villages there were also some old trees which were believed to be over several hundred years old.

After the whole ancient town was moved and copied at the new place, though there were not as many tourists here as before, it was believed that visitors could still learn much about the local people's life and the history of this place.

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