Fengjie Natural Pit

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Being a karst formation scene, Tiankeng (Heavenly Pit) is part of the Difeng Scenic Zone, which stretches over 456 kilometers and is 38 kilometers from Fengjie County. The giant natural pit is 622 meters in diameter at upper edge and 522 meters at the bottom, with a depth of 666.3 meters. It boasts a long limestone wall with an underground river. This is a newly discovered area and normally cruise ships do not include it as a port of call. But people taking a relax pace might want to have a try to stay for an extra day here and then to resume trip.

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Fengjie County of Chongqing

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Take the boat starting from fhe port of  Confluence of Yangtze and Jialing River, ending at the port of Fengjie county. Then take the bus at Fengjie County.


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