Huangjueping Doodle Art Street

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Huangjueping Doodle Art Street locates in the Huangjueping district, in the city of Chongqing. It is 1.25 km long, starting from the Huangjueping Railway Hospital, to the 501 Art Repository, covering 50,000 ㎡, which is the largest doodle art zone in China, even in the world.

Over 800 workers, students and artists participated in painting the whole doodle zone. 12,500 kg pigment, countless pain brushes and hair pencils were used during the 150 days. The whole art work covers 37 buildings, 1.25km road and 9,000m underground pipelines. They also rebuilt constructions over 2,700 ㎡ and Set up 18 sculptures. Remarkable changes could be seen in the district. The Huangjueping Doodle Art Distraction has exhaustively changed the ropey cityscape of Chongqing city, at the same time, delivers a good environment to the Art Academy of Sichuan Province.

The street tablet is set up at the Southeast corner of the Nine-Dragon District in Chongqing city, with Yangtze River in its east, Nine-Dragon village in its south, town of Yangjiaping in the west and Xiejiawan Village in the north. The name “Huangjueping” comes from the famous kind of tree in Chongqing (also the tree of the city)——Tree of Huangjue. Residents in the jurisdiction of Huangjueping are about 514,00 persons, with a floating population 20,000 persons in addition. There are two colleges ——the Art Academy of Sichuan and Electrical Academy of Chongqing, 6 middle schools and primary schools, 69 municipal enterprises and public institutions, including 26 storage enterprises. Most of the enterprises are in the procedure of transferring from planned economy to the market economy. During the process of rebuilding of the city, for the problem of land property right, the public facility constructions were lagged behind.

In the year 2006, Mr. Luozhongli from art academy of Sichuan, who is a famous oil painter proposed a plan of changing the cityscape by doodle——making fashion and culture the main elements in the old area, relying on art academy of Sichuan, creating an environment suitable for development. Since it could upgrade the living environment and the economy of this old area, the plan gained support from government.

On November 9th, 2006, a conference was held by the government and the Art Academy of Sichuan. The decision of starting the construction of the Doodle Art Street was made in the conference, aiming to be finished by the end of May, 2007 and hold an art festival, which could also be a celebration of Chongqiong’s becoming a municipality directly under the central government.

On June 9th, 2007, the Huangjueping Doodle Art Street was opened to public, and the Doodle Art Festival was started. During the festival time, forums of city development, art pageants, doodle competitions on the internet, children doodle competitions, exhibitions of art works from students of Art Academies were held, attracting over 350,000 tourists.

At the end of 2007, the Huangjueping Doodle Art Street gained the prize of “the Ten Outstanding Public Projects of 2007” for its environment-friendly and cost-saving construction. The Huangjueping Doodle Art Street has become a new landmark of Chongqing city, since its has “4 specialties”——beautiful ladies, art college, excellent scenery and delicious food.

Huanjueping has become more and more famous for the art academy of Sichuan and the cultural industry district. Relying on the Art Academy of Sichuan, which is a well-known art college, a base of culture and innovation has been formed in Huangjueping, combining industries of animation, painting, industrial product designing, advertisement, tourism, pottery, architecture and sculpture. The Tankeku Art Center, which was led by the president of the Art Academy of Sichuan, has become the largest art base in the west China; the 501 Art Warehouse has been the 1st “Painters’ Village” in Chongqing.

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Jiulongpo district, Chongqing City

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Take No. 841 bus and get off at the bus stop of Qinghua middle school. Then take No.233 bus from the bus stop of Qinghua middle school and get off at Huangjueping.

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all day

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I takes about half an hour to visit the street.

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