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Korean Temporary Government was the long-term government-in-exile for Korea to carry out anti-Japanese independence movement in China. In April 13, 1919, it was founded in Shanghai, and then moved to Chongqing in March the next year. It was the only foreign government-in-exile in China during the World War II. In August 11, 1995, the site was recovered and opened up as a museum for the tourists. The site was formerly the base for the supreme body of the temporary government, which locates in Yuzhong District, about 0.8 kilometers from the downtown. It covers about 1,300 square meters, as well as the building area of 1,770 square meters. This site comprises of five refurbishment display buildings, which are mainly built in brick and wood. Presently, the display area is 284 square meters, with 21 rehabilitation display rooms, 468 display objects and 150 collections of cultural materials.

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No.38 Lianghuachizhen street Yuzhong area of Chongqi City

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Get No.401&No.403 bus to Qixinggang bus station.

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Free,but only accept  not more 200 turists each day.

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