Nanshan Park

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Nanshan Park is located in the southeast of the urban area, which consists of three parts: Nanshan, Santai'an Hill and Sports Stadium. It is surrounded by the provincial Nanshan scenic area of mountains at the highest elevation of 681 meters. It is a comprehensive park featuring various kinds of woods and flowers.

Therefore, Nanshan Park is an ideal place to see the flowers. In the sunny spring, beautiful flowers filled the park everywhere, their pleasant scent flowing in the air. In the green summer, the azalea and white orchid flourish. While in the golden autumn, you will find yourself involved in the flower world. Because the chrysanthemum will blossom and the osmanthus will spread its sweet scent here and there. Then in the cold winter, plum will blossom. The park wins itself a good reputation of  "Fortress Corolla"!

Solo Adventure Tips:


No.101, Nanshan Road,  Nanan area, about 5 kilometers away from Chongqing Cty

How to Get There?

Take No. 21, 23, 383 and 384 buses from Chongqing City to Nanshan Park.

Ticket Price:

Nanshan botanical garden: 20 yuan per person
Laojun Cave: 10 yuan per person

Opening Hours:

from 9:00 to 18:00 every day

More Tips:

1. Tourists should respect the customs and culture of local minorities in order to avoid contention.

2. Tourists had better follow the guides' advice when they go shopping there, avoiding unnecessary disputes.


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