Pipashan Park

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The Pipa Mountain Park is the private garden owned by former president of Sichuan province during the period of the National Government. By then it was named as “Kingdom”. In 1955, the name was changed into “Pipa Mountain Park” and it was opened to the public. As for the origin of the name of mountain, some people think there were a lot of loquat trees on the mountain many years ago, so it got the name; some people think that’s because the shape of the mountain looks like a Pipa(Lute-like string instrument with fretted fingerboard),and the pronunciation of Pipa is similar with that of “loquat” in Chinese.

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Pipa mountainZhongshaner Road Yuzhong district

How to Get There?
Take Electric Bus 401, 402, 405, or Bus 413, 418, 481, 109 to the station of the Cultural Palace, and then walk upwards for 5 minutes.

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Opening Hours:
The Pipa Mountain Park is opened from 8 o’clock to 22 o’clock every day.

More Tips:
The best time for traveling: It is morning certainly. The air is especially fresh there.

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