Simianshan Mountain

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Simianshan Mountain is high in the south and low in the north. The highest peak, Wugong Ridge, is 1709.4 meters above sea level; the lowest place is 560 meters above sea level. It covers an area of 240 square kilometers. It’s subtropical monsoon humid climate. The average temperature is 13.7 degrees centigrade. The average rainfall is 1522.3 centimeters. In the scenic spot, the water of the Honghai Lake is lustrous and clear, zigzagging in the deep mountains and valleys and vast forest. Boating on the lake makes people feel relaxed and happy. The waterfalls of Simianshan are the most spectacular. All the big and small waterfalls fall down rapidly and fiercely, which lifts smog in the sky and makes a loud noise. People can feel its power kilometers away. The waterfall of the Shuikou Temple is 94 meters high. It’s hanging under a natural cave. The scenery is peculiar. Two waterfalls fall down together, which looks as if ducks are flying wing to wing.

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There are tens of buses which can reach Jiangjin City or Simianshan Town at Chongqing bus station or Jiaochangkou bus station. Or you can get to Jiangjin city by train or ship, and then go to Simianshan Town by bus.

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Tips: Simainshan is a summer resort. The best season for traveling is summer. The scenic spots of Simianshan are relatively scattered. It is far away one another. Scenic spot’s administration hasn’t offer standard bus or car of environmental protection. The sole transport is private motorbike. It’s about 15 Yuan. If you feel it isn’t safe, you’d better walk slowly and stroll. But you must pay attention to whether you have enough time and the weather is fine.

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