Southern Hot Springs Park

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South Hot Spring Park, founded in 1927, is located in South Hot Spring scenic area that is 18 km south to the center of urban Chongqing Municipality. It covers more than 20 hectares, including 16 hectares greenbelt and 7 hectares territorial waters. There are more than 344 species of plants in four main scenic areas: Great Spring Scenic area, Huayuan Area, Fairy Cave Area and Bamboo-Rock Area. South Hot Spring Park is one of top twelve scenic areas in Chongqing. The park shows beautiful natural landscape such as mountains, brook, spring, plant, cave and waterfall to tourists.

Besides wonderful natural views, there are still some cultural ashes about War of Resistance against Japanese Invasion in the park. Chongqing Shangshi Museum was founded in 1992 displaying exclusively the distinctive rocks collected from more than 20 provinces and municipalities. Integrated and perfect service is offered in scenic area for tourists enjoying hot spring and beautiful natural landscape. The 40 degree centigrade water of hot spring contains sulfur and other wholesome matters. In Qing dynasty (1862-1864) plunge bath was built for tourists.

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Nanquan Town Banan Area Chongqing

How to Get There?
N0.302,No.611 bus can get there directly

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Ticket: 6 yuan/one person (not including spring service) The spring service: 30yuan-250yuan/person

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