Yibin NeZha Temple

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Yibin NeZha Temple is located in Cuiping Hill of Yibin city. It has a total area of 2,000 square meters, including propylaea, Prince's palace and NeZha cave. The great amount of ancient trees and beautiful scenes make it one of China's most famous forest parks. It is both acknowledged by the people of mainland and Taiwan that this NeZha Temple is the only ancestral Nezha temple, which attracts masses of tourists from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan for ancestor worship.

There are more than 20,000 temples in Taiwan, of which 9,225 temples have been registered with local government, including 7289 Taoist temples, accounting for 79% of the total amount. These temples would offer sacrifices to NeZha. Six million people in Taiwan are Taoists, accounting for 25% of its population. Taiwan's Taoists have their own convention: they must worship one time each year in triennium if they have worshiped in Yiping NeZha Temple. According to statistics, since 1998 the number of tourists from Taiwan to worship the temple has increased by 40%.

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Cuiping Hill of Yibin city, Chongqing

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Get bus fromYinbin Bus Station to NeZha Temple

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20RMB per person

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