Dali Museum

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Dali Museum, built in 1986 and located on NO.8  South Road, Erhai Xiaguan in Dali City, is not only the first state museum in Yunnan Province, but also the biggest institution collecting, exhibiting and researching cultural relics.

The museum occupies an area of about 40,000m, including ichnographic area of 4,600m for display and virescence area of 14,000m. The exhibition hall presents the Bai’s classical architecture style. It has three white plastered walls and roofs of gray tiles, with the front gate shielded by a screen wall, and together with the wing—rooms and the screen wall in different styles, they form a closed courtyard. In the form of symmetry, the front gate, along the axis lie the stone arch bridge, the parlor, the screen wall and the centre exhibition hall, which connect other parts to form a majestic whole. The museum, with the surrounding green tress, flowers and grass, is considered to a grand architecture of the Bai culture.

Dali Museum mainly exhibits bronze cultural relics of Nanzhao and Dali states and the customs of the Bai. There are totally 12 exhibition halls with precious and fantastic collections.

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on NO.8  South Road, Erhai Xiaguan in Dali City

How to Get There?

Take the NO.6 bus in Xiaguan or just walk there.

Ticket Price:

5 yuan

Opening Hours:

8:00am-11:30am, 14:00pm-17:30pm

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Please remember the opening time.

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