General Temple

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General Temple is a temple for Benzhu God of Bai people. Benzhu God is in fact Li Mi, a general of Tang Dynasty. He died in Tianbao War in the year 754 AD. The scenery around General Temple is beautiful. Recently Cangshan Park has been built around General Temple. It is one of the famous tourist resorts in Xiaguan. In the park grow all kinds of trees and flowers.

In front of the General Temple is a stone torii, and on the torii engraved the words "Wonder of Sunset" above the gate hangs a plaque with the words "Temple of Mr. Li in Tang Dynasty". Outside the Temple are simple alcoves and corridors where you can overlook the panorama of Xiaguan. Above the pavilion falls a waterfall, and the Temple is thus surrounded by water.

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General Temple is a tourist resort not very far away from the city proper of Dali. You just go from the old city of Xiaguan across Longwei Pass, and then up the steps. In about 40 minutes you will get there.

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