Heqing Village

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Heqing Village, located in the northwest of Yunnan province, is not only a famous and long established county, but also a fascinating and picturesque tourist attraction. In this village, the mountainous area and valley area takes up 89.7% of the whole county. Many natural landscapes including the grand Mt. Ma’ershan, Mt. Shibaoshan, the huge Yang Bridge Cliff, the wandering Jinsha River and numerous deep pools and caves are natural resources of high value for tourists. Additionally tourists find the Heqing Dam interesting. These natural resources are now being explored extensively.

Rich in water features, the Heqing Village has about 100 springs and pools, the riverheads of a large area of grass, centered by the Mutun Village. This gives the Heqing County a reputation of a land flowing with milk and honey.

Heqing Village is located between the semi-tropical and frigid and temperate zones with a plateau monsoon climate. It is hot and rainy in summer and autumn there, and cold and dry in winter and spring. Owning to the special geography and landscape, the daily difference in temperature is perhaps 8 to 12 ℃  while the annual variation is slim  12 ℃, with a low  of 8 ℃, a high of 20 ℃, and an average temperature of 13.5℃.  Heqing lies in the tour line of Kunming-Dali-Yunnan Lijiang. It is the first-rank choice for the domestic and foreign tourists for a midway stop of their travels.

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In the northwest of Yunnan province

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