Nanzhao Dehua Stele

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Nanzhao Dehua Stele lies in a Tang-architecture-imitated gloriette in the Taihe Castle. The stele is 4.02 meter high, 2.27meter wide and 0.60 meter thick. There are totally 5,100 Chinese characters carved on both sides of the stele, 3,800 on the front side and 1,300 on the back side. It was built in the Tang dynasty in AD 766, with the articles written by the ancient official of Nanzhao Zhenghui and carved by the ancient official of Tang Du guangting. The articles aimed to eulogize the achievements of the King of Nanzhao, emphasize the details of the intercommunication between Nanzhao and Tang and express Nan Zhao’s good wishes to Tang dynasty.

Nanzhao Dehua Stele maintained not only articles with elegant diction, clear structure and full and accurate facts, but the fluent, forceful and unrestrained handwriting. Together with the delicate carving, the stele is a fine works of stele in the Tang dynasty. It is a stele with important history and value that saw the ethnic unity and friendliness and provided precious materials to study the history of Nanzhao and Tufan (Tibet). On March 4, 1962, the State Council proclaimed the Nanzhao Taihe Castle including the Nanzhao Dehua Stele among the first Key national heritage conservation units.

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On the foot of Mt. Cangshan, Dali.

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Go to the Jinghong Passenger Car station, and choose the right bus to your destination.

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10 yuan

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