Nanzhao Love Island

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The views on the Nanzhao Love Island are charming and gentle. The sky and the sea here have the same colour, and the wind and the moon will sure bring you a good time. The old trees on the island have a long history of thousands of years, and they are very flourishing. There are also many ancient deep caves and they go winding and interveining. Around the Island are clear water and white sand. You can get the wonderful sights of Cangshan Mountain and Erhai Lake which extend for hundreds of miles. The island covers an area of about one hundred Mus. It lies quiet under the blue sky and in the blue water of the upper part of Erhai Lake. Look from far away, you will find the Island is just like a huge shuttle. The charming sights of island hide in its unique terrain.

Nanzhao Love Island consists of eight sights, and they are the dock of Shayimu group statues, seascape villas, Acuoye Kwan-yin Statue on Yunnan Fuxin Square, Nanzhao Summer Palace, the square of local culture and art of Bai People, the amusement park on the beach, the stone groups of Taihu Lake, and the special view of the pride of fishing families. The visitors can enjoy the sweetness of the eight sights, the grandness of the two squares, the splendor of the palace, the joy of the village, and the beauty of the 33 views. The scenery gets mixed with the featured gardening. The visitors may find the precious beauty of primitive simplicity when getting close to the nature.

Get off the ship, and walk along the zigzaging path with flowers and grass of south China and trees of frigid zone on both sides, you may feel as if you walk into a miniexpo. Go up 39 steps and you will see the Slender Waist Kwan-yin on the Yunnan Fuxin Square. Leave the Fuxin Square, and go across a mini arch bridge, you will step into the main building groups on the island accompanied by the songs of brooks. After you look carefully at the Nanzhao Palace, you go out by the side entrance of the great hall, or by the way of the flatlet for presidents in the southern wing-rooms. Then you get to the square of local culture and art of Bai people. Go further southeast along the winding path around the square, and you can enjoy the wonderful stones of Taihu Lake, or take delight from playing on the beach.

If you are tired, you can watch the dancing and singing performances of minorities, taste the Three Cups of Tea, and enjoy the colourful folk-customs as much as you like. If you are hungry, dishes of southern China, of northern China, and all kinds of snacks stand for you to choose. Do not forget to taste the fish cooked with plums. The featured Shuanglang dish will sure give you an unforgettable impression.

The main sights on Nanzhao Island include Shayimu Statue Groups, Acuoye Kwan-yin Statue on the Yunnan Fuxin Square, Nanzhao Summer Palace, the square of local culture and art, the stone groups of Taihu Lake, Lexue Pavilion, and the great Ficus microcarpa L.f.

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you can take minicars in the city proper of Dali to get there.

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Tips: If you want to stay on the Island for the night, you can choose the villas here so that you can experience the life of fishing villages.

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