Qingbi Creek

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The Qingbi Stream is also named as the Green basin Water. The Qingbi Stream is located between the Shenying Peak and the Malong Peak of the Cang Mountains, which are located in the southwest of the ancient city of Dali, Yunnan Province. The mountain spring wells up just from the root of the rocks. It looks like gushing pearls and pouring jades in a shape of a big basin. There are 3 levels of the basin,where the water is very clear and the stones are beautiful, making a unique combination of green and blue, so it was called Qingbi Stream. The Qingbi Stream is one of the top 18 streams in the Cang Mountains. The 3 pools of the Qingbi Stream are attracting innumerable tourists with its unique fascinations. Ming's Xu Xiake climbed up the real world of the mountains in spite of all the dangers and sufferings and left behind him excellent diaries of his tour and poems for us. What the great painter Xu Beihong praised of the stream is that "No one of the peaks, gorges, forests and springs can's be expressed in the paintings", and regarded the appreciation of the scenes here as the utmost enjoyments of "the satisfaction of soul". The Horse-washing Pond in the Cangshan Mountains The Horse-washing Pond lies between the Yuju and Zhonghe peaks in the Cangshan Mountains. It is 4,000 meters above sea level and is a high-latitude drift pond of the Quaternary Period. A legend says when Khublai Khan made an expedition to Dali, he crossed the Cangshan Mountains and washed his horses here. In late spring and early autumn, the weather is clear, the snow has melted and the flowers are blossoming. So both late spring and early autumn are the best seasons to visit the Horse-washing Pond.

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