Rock Cave of Lion Pass

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In the region of the Lion Pass there are three very important rock caves:

In the first rock cave, there are the statues of the King of Nanzhao Kingdom, his imperical concubines, sons and daughters. Local people call the statues a happy Family.

The second rock cave is the tenth cave located in the barrancas under the Lion Cliff. The Cave is 1.8 meters high, 1,1 meters wide on the upside and 1.8 meters wide downside. In the niche of the cave there carves a statue of a monk. The statue is 1.7 meters high. With dark eyes and straight noses, the statue wears a lotus flower hat and a pair of boots, holds a stamp against evils in the right hand and a clean water bottle in the left. Behind the statue is the Buddhist light. Beside the statue is a dog. The dog bends its body and turns back, with a bell around its neck.

The third cave, the eleventh cave, is located at the bottom of the Lion Pass. In the Cave there is a shallow arch niche. The niche is 1.1 meters high and 0.9 meters wide.  In the niche carves a statue of a Persian. Its face has been destroyed, but you can still tell the dark eyes and straight nose. It wears a semi-arc hat, holds its left hand up and put the right hand down as if holding a trunk thin upside and thick downside. On the feet it wears a pair of boots. The Statue of Persian is the very witness of the ancient Dali opening up toward the outside world and its friendly contact with people of other countries.

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there are minicars in the Passenger Transportation Center of Dali which go directly to the Precious Stone Mountain..

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