Shaxisi Dengjie and Xinjiao Temple

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Shaxi, located in the southwest of Jianchuan in Yunnan province, is well-known to people around the world for its Mt. Shibaoshan. It is in the tourist line of Dali-Yunnan Lijiang. There are green hills, limpid waters, picture-perfect scenery and fertile natural resources in Shaxi owing to its important location. Shaxi occupies a total area of 287 square kilometers, with a dam of 26 square kilometers, through which the Huijiang River in the Lancang River system follows from the north to the south. It is known as a land following with milk and honey for its green hills, clear water, marvelous dam and beautiful girls.

Sidengjie is the heart of Shaxi where all the commercial trades are done. Sidengjie is a market with multiple functions, including temples, shops, caravanserai, red-rock-roads, age-old trees and lanes and camp gates. Shaxi Sidengjie is age-old market regarded as “the only” that survived on the Chamagudao by the experts of the World’s commemorative Architecture Community.

Xingjiao Temple lies on the Shanyang Slope on the Mt. Aofengshan in Shaxi Sideng town, Jianchuan. Xingjiao Temple, built in AD 1415, maintained the Dadian and Erdian, with 12 Buddhism murals of the Ming dynasty in the Dadian. There are several age-old Chinese scholar trees and China pistachio trees, and a pair of lion figures. The age-old stage is facing the temple. The Xingjiao Temple provides archaeologists with precious materials for studying the art of the ancient Bai architecture.

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In the southwest of Jianchuan in Yunnan province.

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60 yuan for Sidengjie

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The most appealing place is the ancient laneway of tea and caravanserai.

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