Yuer Garden

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Yuer Garden covers an area of 28 mus. It consists of Moyou Garden, the Garden of Family Wu, the Garden of Family Yang, and so on, and is the very symbol of the cultural traditions of Dali. Li Yuanyang, an intellectual of Dali in Ming Dynasty , had once composed a poem to sing for the Garden of Family Wu.

Yuer Garden shows the very soul of the buildings of Bai people. Outside the Garden are the gate towers of Bai style with flying eaves and up-holding corners, the elegant three rooms and a shining wall, and the surrounding wall decorated with eaves and colourful pictures. The Garden inside features the flower beds of Bai style which are built by laying stones and thus irregular. In the flower beds grow many rare flowers of Dali. In addition, there in the Garden decorated special areas for the old to entertain themselves, teahouses, stele pavilions, stone toriis and pools. All these make a typical traditional garden of the Ancient City of Dali. Dali is famous for its marbles and its admiration for the primitive big stones. So the decorations in the Garden also feature stones. There are Big Stone Temple, Beauty Stone, Stone Bull, Stone Horse, Stone Well, and so on. People also build short walls with stones, pave the roads with stones, and make the lamp holders with stones. All in all, the people who designed and built the Garden ran after the unique style of going back into the arms of nature. In the Garden, there are seven special parts for different plants: camellia garden, cherry blossom garden, peony garden, cuckoo garden, plum blossom garden, China rose garden and bamboo garden. Intellectuals, painters and calligraphers were invited to give inscriptions and paintings for the decoration of the Garden.

Solo Adventure Tips:


in the ancient district in Dali, close to Foreigner’s Street  and the North Gate

How to Get There?

Tourists can take Bus No.8 in the center of the Ancient City of Dali.

Tourists can walk down Fuxing Road from the North Gate or the South Gate and turn east on Yuer Road.

Ticket Price:

50 yuan per person

Opening Hours:

from 8:00 to 18:00

More Tips:

Suggested visiting hours: 1 hour

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