Zhoucheng Town

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Zhoucheng is a town located in the Dali area of Yunnan, China. The most important feature is that Zhoucheng is the main town and has the largest percentage of Bai people in Dali.

One of the most interesting things that you will see in Zhoucheng is the typical appearance of the houses there. All the houses that you will find in this area are made of a square-cut architectural design. Most of these houses are composed of several rooms, courtyards, and a “shining wall”.

  • Rooms - Most houses are composed of several rooms. These rooms face south or east. Made out of the usual stones and bricks, these rooms are held together by a frame made out of wood.
  • Courtyards - The houses all have inner courtyards that are closed to the outside. The walls of these courtyards are made out of mud and lime.
  • Shining Wall - The “shining wall” is said to be called this because of its ability to reflect outside light. These walls serve as the passage for light into the house. It is the wall situated in front of the house’s main room. It also connects the three main rooms in the house where the shining wall is the façade of the central room; thereby forming an inner courtyard for the house. Using lime, this wall has inscriptions on screens made out of marble.
  • If you want to get a good view of the traditional houses that are typical in the area of Zhoucheng, making a trip to this area will give you that.
  • Tye and Dye - One of the traditional tie-dyes used by China’s ancient people, this is a major cultural attraction of Zhoucheng. Attractive designs are said to be the main product and highly sought after in the area both by locals and tourists.  The process of making tie and dye is one of the tourist attractions that you can actually watch in Zhoucheng, which is done by the native people there.

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It would be best to get hold of an up-to-date map of the area. If you don’t really speak Chinese, you should also remember to get a guide who can do the translations for you since the natives won’t be able to answer your questions if you don’t speak their language. Getting a good guide will also give you further information about the area and the historical importance of everything you see there. There will be lots of Batik shops in the area. It would be best for you to check out all the shops first before purchasing anything.

You should also know how to bargain for cheaper prices. Don’t get too excited with the upfront price they give you. Ask for discounts if need be. Consider buying safe water from reputable establishments. If you choose to eat there, go for the more reputable-looking eating-places rather than buying street food. Of course, if you really want to have a taste of the native food in the area, you should always look for clean-looking food. Ask about the ingredients so you don’t come across food that won’t be to your liking.

Solo Adventure Tips:


23 kilometers north of Dali Ancient City

How to Get There?

You can easily reach Zhoucheng by taking a ride from Dali. It can be easily reached via bicycle, which makes a great daytime trip. You can also reach the area by taxi or bus from Dali.

Ticket Price:

Opening Hours:

8:00 to 18:00 from December to the following March every year

More Tips:

Don’t forget to witness the process of tie and dye, and if possible buy one of these beautifully crafted clothes.

Nearby Attraction: Butterfly Springs that lies at the foot of Yunnong Peak

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