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Dali Food

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Many famous food of Dali are made of fish, such as Fish cooked in Earthware Pot and Hot and Sour Fish with greengage. Travelers can also taste various kinds of food with strong Bai ethnic group and Zang ethnic group flavor.

Dali Featured Food:

Heqing Rice Cake

Heqing Rice Cake is made elaborately. There are two kinds of Heqing Rice Cake: dry cakes and water cakes. Among the dry cakes Xiqing Dry Cakes are the best. There are two kinds of Xiqing Dry Cakes: cakes with interlayers and colourful cakes. Cakes with interlayers have a shape of rhombus and are a little bigger and thicker than ordinary dry cakes. The interlayers are made from brown sugar, corn mint, orange skin, mashed Chinese date and longan. Colourful cakes are square, and have a red surface and a white line in the middle. Red and white colours make the cakes beautiful.

Sand Pot Fish

Sand-pot fish is a famous local dish of Dali. Put slender chicken and more than ten seasonings like dried mushrooms into the sand-pot. Then add some bow fish or carp caught in Erhai Lake into the pot. Stew them slowly. The tourists can taste sand-pot fish on the yachts or in all the restaurants in Dali or Xiaguan. Sand-pot fish is 20 yuan every pot. One pot is enough for three to four people. It is really delicious.

Ersi And Erquai

Ersi is somewhat like rice noodle. It is slender and good to eat. When eating Erquai, you have to put some thick chilli sauce or minced meat sauce onto two pieces of cakes, and put them together. Erquai has a tender flavor, and is good to smell.

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