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Stewed Chicken

Last updated by chinatravel at 2017/6/21

Every time when people are asked about the most famous dish in Dali, they would first of all think about Yongping Stewed Chicken.Before people cook Yongping Stewed Chicken, they would choose local chickens produced in the mountain area of Yongping. In the cooking, more than ten seasonings will be used and they include: high-quality Chinese prickly ash, Caoguo, garlic, dried capsicum, ginger, and so on. People use the local traditional method as well as modern cooking technics, and create this delicious local featured dish. As a result, Yongping Stewed Chicken also gains the good names such as “Chicken No. 1 in west Yunnan”, “the Best of Yunnan Dishes”, and “the Best in all chicken dishes”.

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