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Dali Shopping

Dali Local Products:

Marble Craftwork of Dali is really famous, such marble-made Four Treasures of the Study, flowerpot and vase, which are good gifts for friends.

Tuo Tea Of Xiaguan

Tuo Tea is lasting and has a special flavor. If you drink it for a long time, the fat in your blood-vessel will even decrease.

Pears Produced In Dali

Pears produced in Dali is big, and has very thin skin. They contain much juice and the flesh is snow white and tender.

Things Weaven With Hay In Dali

There are all kinds of things weaven with hay. The visitors from other parts of China are very fond of the colourful things. They are also sold far away in the foreign countries such as America and countries of Europe and southeast Asia.


Gaohe is a kind of rare plants growing on the high mountains. It is produced on the Cangshan Mountain of Dali. It can arouse your appetite.

Dali Shops and Stores:

The most famous shopping street of Dali is Huguolu Shopping Street (Foreigner Street) which is the must-go for travelers. Various kinds of handcraft products and be found there.

Foreigner Street

Foreigner Street
The ideal place for shopping in Dali must be Foreigner Street (its Chinese name is Huguo Road) in the Ancient City of Dali. There are all kinds of ethical clothes, characteristic handicrafts and special local products from many places of Sichun. Marble, which is of fine quality and has unique veins, has been quarried for more than 1,000 yeas since the Tang Dynasty. Tie dyeing of the Bai ethnic group is a time honored handicraft. Wood carving in Jianchuan County, which known for its exquisite designs and multi-layer carving, is a 1,000-year-old traditional handicraft. Exquisite workmanship and novel design, gold, silver and copper ornaments are matchless handicrafts of Bai People. Other traditional handicrafts from the Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture include embroidery, ink slabs, pottery, and porcelain. And there are abundant antiques. There are so many things on Foreigner Street that you will find something what like. Most of best restaurants get together in Ancient City,

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Xinhua Village

Xinhua Village
There are three villages, which name are Xinhua Village (its former name is Stone Village), lay at the foot of Phoenix Hill seven kilometers northwest to Heqing Country, while Heqing County is located in the north of Bai Nationality Autonomous Prefecture in Dali. It has pleasant scenery surrounded by green mountains on all sides. All the families in Xinhua Village are capable of making silverware. Each of their works is elegant in shape and delicate in pattern, representing ingenuity of the handicraftsmen. So it is a supermarket for you to buy silverware. For example a nine-dragon flagon, the flagon is carved with nine dragons and the plate is also carved with dragons of various vivid manners. It contains precisely eight cups of wine Except for silverware, marble is a valuable thing for you to buy. Stone Village is the former name of the village. Form its former name we can know that marble is an important product in Xinhua Village. White marble is a fine material, which is carved into

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