Dalian Shengya Ocean World

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Located inside Xinhai Park in Dalian City, Shengya Ocean World (or Sun Asia Ocean World) transfers you to the magical marine world that hides deep inside the ocean. Young and older visitors have a chance to explore the mysteries of underwater life, while standing dry on solid ground and watch arctic creatures while in a pleasant room temperature!

It is fact mankind knows more about outer space than about the bottom of the sea, but in Shengya Ocean World you will be able to experience almost any secret of the ocean that has come to light!

Things to do

Shengya Park is divided into three different worlds (each having a different entrance fee): Ocean World, Polar World and Coral World. Facilities include children’s playgrounds, toilets, a fast-food restaurant and a shop selling various aquatic products.

Ocean World, built in 1994, was the first out of the three Worlds that opened in Shengya Park. It encounters an exhibition hall with a collection of ship and boat models, an aquarium with more than 10.000 fish and a dolphinarium where dolphin shows take place. The visitor has a chance to admire more than 300 different species of rare fish and other marine life though a glass tunnel that happens to be the longest in Asia (116 meters).

An auto-moving passageway ensures that you will be able to enjoy the fish with no disturbing crowds standing in front of you. Colorful tropical fish, tremendous sharks and manta rays, sea turtles and other marine life will impress kids and adults. Free English guides will give you details about the fish, such as which of them are edible. The highlight of this section is, of course, the shark feeding show, where special trained divers enter the tanks and interact with the sharks.

Polar World, built in 2003, was included in Shengya Ocean World in 2006 and was the first park dedicated to polar species in China. Under this modern glass construction the visitor can watch animals from both the North and South Pole, among which polar bears, penguins and sea lions. North Pole Animal Village houses polar foxes and wolves, polar bears, sea lions and seals.

South Pole Penguin Island is the home of several different species of funny penguins, including the emperor penguin. Much like dolphins in Ocean World, sea lions perform spectacular shows in Polar World. In addition you can have your picture taken while receiving a kiss from a sea lion for a small fee!

Coral World takes you down in tropical reefs where you will be introduced with more than a hundred different species of colorful corals. Hundreds of fish and shellfish play hide and seek between the corals creating wonderful views for the visitor.

Solo Adventure Tips:


No. 608-6-8 Zhongshan Lu Road, Shahekou District, Dalian (inside Xinhai Park)

How to Get There?

Bus: numbers 22, 23, 28, 711, 811
Minibus: numbers 501,523
Trolley: numbers 202, 209
Disembark at Xinhai Three or Xinhai Park stop.

Ticket Price:

Ticket for Ocean World: 110 Yuan for adults, 55 Yuan for children
Ticket for Polar World: 80 Yuan for adults, 40 Yuan for children
Ticket for Coral World: 70 Yuan for adults, 35 Yuan for children
Ticket for all 3 Worlds: 190 Yuan for adults, 95 Yuan for children
Children of height less than 1.3 meters enter for free.

Opening Hours:

8.30am to 6.30pm in summer time
9am to 4.30pm in winter time
Tickets are available until 3.30pm

More Tips:

Official website: www.sunasia.com (only in Chinese)

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