Discovery Land

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The Discovery Land is located on the seashore of ten miles golden beach, in Dalian Jinshitan national tourist resort. Discovery has fuller exoticism since it was designed by an American company which participated in the designing of Disney Land. There are more than twenty high level large and medium-sized amusement attractions in Discovery Land, which make it a top-ranking amusement theme park.

There are large squares, cartoon characters with bright dressing in Discovery Land, you could try roller coaster, energy storm, giant pendulum and oscillating ax, billows, space shuttle, rain forest drifting, torrent brave and lots of other playground equipments. Besides, restaurants, hotels, shopping centers, post office and bank are there waiting to serve you.

The playground equipments in Discovery Land are distributed in circle, the Discovery square in the entrance is the start and end point. There are beautiful fountain on the avenue center, foiling the European style villages and streets. A lake is located in the center of Discovery Land, with a castle in it. In the night, you could see beautiful fireworks there.

Discovery Land is divided into six theme areas; they are crazy town, mysterious desert, metal factory, magic forest, legend castle and wedding palace. Every area has its specialty entertainment facilities, which could make you enjoy every minutes in it.


Solo Adventure Tips:


How to Get There?

Jinshitan is the terminal of City Trambahm, which starts at Dalian train station. You could take special shuttle bus to Discovery Land after get off the City Trambahm.

Ticket Price:

Ticket of Discovery Land follows the “one-ticket” system, which means you could play any game or facilities after you buy the ticket. There are two kinds of ticket, day time session and night session. If you take day time ticket, you could stay in the park as long as you like, even till the end of night session. All of the night session facilities and shows will never charge again.

Day time session ticket: 170 RMB / Person
Student price: 125 RMB/ Person (with student card)

Children discount: Free for kids shorter than 1.1 meter.
80 RMB / Person for kids between 1.1 ~ 1.4 meter

Night session ticket: 100 RMB / Person 
Children price: 50 RMB/ Person


Opening Hours:

Opening session:  Discovery Land is opened from the end of March to the beginning of November, closed in winter. It will open from 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM during the season without night sessions, and 9:30 AM to 9:00 PM during the season with night sessions.

There are night sessions from May to September, among which, in the two months of May and September, night sessions are only opened on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. No night sessions from Monday to Thursday. In June, July, August and the golden week at the beginning of October, there are night session everyday.


More Tips:

Tips for Discovery Land

1. There are queues at nearly every facility, so you’d better reserve enough time for it.

2. The starting time of opening is 9:30AM, there are talent shows in every area on the integral points or the halfs . You could arrange a logical route to make sure you don’t miss the shows.

3. It will be crowed in peak season, queues at every playing facilities. So if you choose enter the park in day time, you will have abundance time, but you must stands for hot. If you choose night session, it will be cooler, but time will be too short to try all of the entertainment facilities. There could be less crowded If you could evade weekend.

4. There is a depository on the right side of the Jinshitan Trambahm station, delivering depository services.

5. Most of the games in Discovery Land is thriller of danger, so little children could not play. There are instructions besides every playing facility, which parents should pay attention to. Please consult the support staff in the park if you have any questions.


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