Golden Pebble Beach

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Located on Liaodong Peninsula and around 60 kilometers north-east of the center of Dalian city, Golden Pebble Beach is on its way οf becoming a major tourist attraction.

The name refers not only to the actual beach, but more to a complex including the beach, the surrounding area, a modern resort (golf facilities, hunting grounds etc.) and several attractions such as museums, theme parks, a film art center and more.

Things to do

With a 30 kilometer coastline, Golden Pebble Beach is a nice place for swimming and sunbathing lying on golden sand. However, this place is much more than a nice beach. What makes it so popular among local and foreign tourists is its unique landscape, with peculiar stone formations scattered along its grounds. Because of this uniqueness it was established as a National Geological Park in 2005.

Also known as “Stone Garden” and “Solidified Animal World”, it holds rocks that imitate several different animals, such as monkeys, camels, turtles, dinosaurs, birds and tigers. It is said that there is even a rock that resembles Beethoven’s profile! Those formations were created about 600,000 years ago, between Cambrian and Simian era. Longevous Rock, which is known as the largest and clearest sediment rock in the world, is also located in the geological park.

Dalian Golden Pebble Tourist Resort is a multi-facility complex that occupies 62 square kilometers and is divided into 3 sections: Green Center, Silver Center and Blue Center. Green Center is mainly occupied by the Golden Pebble Golf Club which operates from March to November. Silver center includes a Hunting Club, shooting practice facilities, an Italian bar and more. Blue center houses water related facilities such as the International Yacht Club. Hotels, a conference center, skiing facilities, a wedding hall, a model theater and more can also be found inside its boundaries.

Other well-known attractions in Golden Pebble Beach include Movie and TV Arts Center, Waxwork Museum, China Martial Arts Hall, Mao Zedong Badge Museum, Equestrian Art Base and Discovery Kingdom Theme Park. Waxwork Museum houses 100 wax figures of legendary Chinese personas such as Emperor Kangxi from Qing Dynasty and Mao Zedong, Hollywood celebrities like Julia Roberts and Jackie Chan, famous athletes including Michael Jordan, well-known politicians like Bill Clinton  and more. Mao Zedong Badge Museum, as its name clearly states, carries a collection of badges decorated with the former leader of People’s Republic of China. China Martial Arts Hall, built in traditional Chinese architecture, is divided into three sections: Performance Hall, Training Hall and Exhibition Hall.

Several international and domestic festivals take place in Golden Pebble Beach throughout the year among which Dalian International Beach Culture Festival, International Winter Swimming Festival and Grape Garden Party. Dolphin spotting is a popular activity in the area. In good weather boat tours can be arranged in order to watch these cute sea mammals playfully jump out of water.

Solo Adventure Tips:


Located in the northeast of  Dalian City in Liaoning Province, 50 kilometers away from the center of Dalian City, only 40 minutes from the city to Golden Pebble Beach.

How to Get There?

Light rail: take line 3 (Qinggui Sanhaoxian)/ 50 minutes plus a 10 minute walk from the station to the beach.
Tourist shuttle bus: 30 minutes

Ticket Price:

Beach is free, Waxwork Museum: 30 Yuan per person                                                                 

Opening Hours:

From 8:30 to 17:00 every day

More Tips:

A visitor center with English speaking stuff is located on the right of the train station. If you are interested in dolphin spotting keep in mind that it is easier to spot some in  gloomy weather as the low pressure forces them to come to surface more often in order to breath.

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