Monument in memory of the friendship between China and the Soviet Union

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The white stone tower was built in 1996 in commemoration of the friendship between the red army of the Soviet Union and Dalian people established during the Second World War. The 22.2-meters high tower has three parts: the base, the body, and the top. The base is made of granites and carved as stairs, which are surrounded by white stone railings. The blossoming peonies and the flying pigeons are sculpted on the railings symbolizing forever friendship and peace. The body consists of four facets of rectangular platform and 12 columns. The front facet has a embossed pattern of Tian’an men in Beijing and Kremlin in Moscow, while the other three facets have embossed sculptures of the farm production scene, the industry production scene, and the natural scenery of Lvshun District respectively.

On top of the platform there are 1.2 meters high statues surrounding the tower body. The statues vividly symbolize the peaceful and friendly relationship between Chinese and the Soviet people and the prospect of a great future. On top of the tower there sits a stone lotus which is a made of carved Snowflower product. The badge within the stone lotus represents once again the friendship between the two nations. In March, 196 the tower was approved by the state council as the major historical and cultural heritage under states protection.

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There is long distance bus in downtown that can reach Lvshunkou District.

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from 9:00 to 18:00

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