Nine Islands of the Dragon King Islands

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The Dragon King Island Natural Reserve is composed of a cluster of including Dawangjia Island, Shoulong Island, Xiaowangjia Island and Tantuozi Island etc. The Reunion Island, or the Bird Island is one of the most popular sceneries. The Dawangjia Island used to be a military pass where situates a light house and age-old cannons. These islands are formed of eroding terrance and thousands of various shapes of reefs, such as double lions, turtles and elephant. Along the coastline there are preserved yellow-mouth aigrettes, sea-gulls, erosion cave, and reef islands.

These islands can be arranged into three tourist routes, called Big Dragon King Island, Thin Dragon Island, and Small Dragon King Island respectively. On top of the Big Dragon King Island, one can oversee the entire Dragon King Island. Turtle-like island, frog-like island and double-lion island are located on the Thin Dragon Island. And on the Small Dragon King Island tourists will find the small Dragon King Island and silver ingot island.

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they are 15 sea miles north from Zhuanghe, and 60 sea miles east from Yalv river.

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9:00 to 19:00

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