Wugu Ancient City

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North to Xintai village of Pulandian in Dalian City, the wavy Weiba Mountain range stretches a great length surrounding a somewhat mysterious ancient city called Wugu. It has a history of a thousand years, yet to one's surprise, all the ancient relics in the city including the Wugu Shrine and the Qingquan Temple have been extremely well preserved, such that it is the most intact and best conserved historic site in the Liaoning Province. Thus it becomes a well-know tourist spot that has great historical values.

Once named Weiba Mountain City, Wugu was first built during the Eastern Han Dynasty about 1900 years ago. It was a guardian township that had military residence protecting the northern boarder of ancient China; especially during the Sui & Tang Dynasties, a period when the northern minority group Gaojuli (ancestors of modern Korean) were invading the Liaodong area, the city was expanded and hence flourishing. In consequent dynasties it continued to be an important military fortress of China's northern borderline.

During the old days troops could take advantage of Wugu's hilly landscape, arduous valley paths and endless running spring to attack intruders and defend the city. The city walls were built of huge granites. The highest was 9.4 meters, the inner were 1.24-meter high and 3.29-meter wide. The north and east walls had collapsed while the rest remain intact. Within the walls, the Forbidden City, the General Stand, the Beacon Tower, the Drill Ground and the Training Ground made the city one of the most significant military strongholds during the conflicting periods between the northern minority and the mainland Chinese.

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There is long distance bus in Dalian downtown that can reach Pulandian city.

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from 9:00 to 18:00

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