Yanmenguan Pass

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Yanmenguan Pass, which is also called Xijing Pass, is located at the Ridge of Gouzhu Mountain of northwest Dai County. It is 20 kilometers away from Dai County. Because of its special geographical location, in ancient times, Yanmenguan Pass was regarded as a key military fortress which all states were eager to occupy.

Yanmenguan faces to high plateau area in the north, Xinding Basin in the south. For thousands of years, it is famous for being important, dangerous, and also great. After the emperor Xiangzi Zhao invaded and occupied the Dai County in 4 BC, there were endless wars happened in Yanmenguan Pass. It is recorded that wars lasted more than 2400 years.

In Tang dynasty, emperor gave an order to build the real Yanmenguan Pass officially for keeping put Turkic soldiers. And in 1374 AD of Ming dynasty, this pass got out of use for there was a new Pass 5 kilometers away from it. Though, Yanmenguan Pass was going to wrack and ruin day by day, when looking at this Pass, it reminds us the endless wars of past thousands years and the greatness of this Pass.

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Yanmenguan Pass is located at the Ridge of Gouzhu Mountain of northwest Dai County.

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You could get there by touring bus.

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35 RMB

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