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Datong Instant boiled Lamb

Last updated by nancy at 2017/5/13

Datong Instant boiled Lamb is famous all over China for its four big characters- attractively shaped, fresh, tender, and delicious.

The raw materials of this dish can be found almost everywhere in Datong. Among them, the lamb from Guangling and Shuozhou is regarded as the best. The chef often cuts the lamb into pieces evenly and then freezes them in the fridge. While eating, people first grab a piece of lamb with chopsticks and put it into the boiled water for just one or two seconds. And then put the cooked lamb piece into a bowl of sauce which is made of sesame paste, chili oil, balsam, soy sauce, gourmet powder, coriander and so on. Thus this sweet-smelling lamb meat will taste delicious and the savory aroma will lead one's appetite, it is one of the most popular items.