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Family Tour

How to Plan a Family Tour

China is a large country with various travel resources. Therefore, it is a great place for you to have a happy family tour. In China, you can say hello to pandas and cute baby pandas, hike on the Great Wall, see one of the Eight Wonders of the world - the Terra Cotta Warriors, go to the mysterious land - Tibet, learn minority cultures and visit amazing beautiful karst landscape. 

China Summer Travel

Top China Ski Resorts

What do you want to experience in China during a winter? With a lot of ski resorts, China is a great country to have a winter journey.>> details


Things to do with Kids in Chengdu

China is a great country for curious children, and families to Chengdu will be especially delighted in what the city has to offer.  >> details

Take Bullet Train to Minority Areas

Take Bullet Train to Minority Areas

Sip Canton tea in the morning and appreciate karst landscape in the afternoon! >> details


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8-day Essence of China Group Tour

8-day Essence of China Tour
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