Dunde Glacier

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Dunde Glacier is about 57.7 square kilometers in  area, 5290 meters in  height, and 4580 meters in the extremity of the ice tongue. There are seven glaciers that can be climbed by tourists. At the top is a gentle slope with a gradient of 30 degree, which can be climbed bare-handedly and easily without much danger.

Dunde Glacier is the largest table iceberg in the northwest regions. Standing on the top of the glacier, you can have an endless view to cheer your eyes, dwarf all peaks under your feet; stepping on the back of the snowcapped mountain, you can touch the snow which is the sediments of thousand years. Here is a sparkling world of ice and snow, a world molded in jade and silver. The whole land is covered with ice and snow, and mountains are clad in white and sceneries are in an infinite variety of forms. Under the ice surface the streams are clear to the bottom, winding their ways and drummeding the ice.

With the novel, peculiar, refreshing, and elegant snow landscape, Dunde Glacier is really a good place for tourism, and scientific exploration.

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Dunde Glacier, located in the southeast of Akesai County, is 300 kilometers away from the county town.

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