Dunhuang Folk Custom Park

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Located in the center of Aksai county, Dunhuang Folk Custom Park covers an area of 48,000 square meters. It is a folk culture amusement park where you can appreciate the natural beauty, taste delicious food, enjoy the house-races, and have some other entertainments.

The environment in the Park is quite peaceful and elegant with trees making shade, and flowers scenting the air. The picturesque style of architecture highlights the essential features of animal husbandry culture such as yurt architecture which is in harmony with the environment and creates a unique landscape. There is an oval turf, a Kazaks folk custom museum, a Kazaks yurt which is biggest in Asia and so on.

The activities in the park are really varied and colorful: folk singing and dancing performance including Kazaks traditional dances, folk songs singing, and folk traditional instrument performances; equitation activities including tug of war on horse, and camel race; herdsman tourist activities including experiencing the life of herdsman, and tasting snacks of local style.

If you go there, you can not only realize the unique fascination of the Folk Custom Park, but also feel the gracious hospitality of Kazakhs.

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It is in the center of Aksai county.

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50 yuan

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