Dunhuang Folk Museum

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Dunhuang Folk Museum is a traditional folk castle-style building. It was built in this way to prevent the invasion of burglars, bandits as well as sandstorms. The exhibits in it well reflect the unique folk customs in northwest China.

Located inside the Crescent Lake scenic area, the museum covers an area of 7920 square meters. There are 126 meticulous-structured and nice-arranged rooms of different styles. They are simple but pleasant, ancient but elegant. They fully display the rich local folk customs, including the religion, marriage and funeral, birthday celebration, ancestor worshiping ceremony, food, clothes, calligraphy and paintings of famous people, four treasures of the study, jewelry, embroidery and so on. Those customs are quite unique for they carry a strong sense of history and show the local manners and feelings. Therefore it plays an irreplaceable role in the history of China even the world. 

Rich in content, the folk custom museum can arouse your interests and gives you a great amount of knowledge, through which we can know more about the life and mind of people in Dunhuang and are amazed at the diversity of Chinese culture.

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Dunhuang Folk Museum is located in the south of Dunhuang city, about 25 kilometers from Mogao Grotto.

How to Get There?

You can take the bus to Crescent Lake from downtown of Dunhuang or you can go there by bike or by tax (15yuan).

Ticket Price:

20 yuan

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