Hecang Ruins

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Hecang City Ruins is located in Gobi Desert, 20 kilometers away from Yumenguan Pass. Hecang was a Western Han-Dynasty city  nestling in a valley of Shule River. A big green and clear lake which was as flat as a mirror used to flow through the west of it. The river shore was covered with vigorous bulrushes, red willows and liquorices. To the east of city there were everglades of immeasurable depth.

There are three depots divided by two earth walls, each of which is 42.5 meters high and 6.7 meters wide. Several triangular holes, probably built for aeration, are equal in interval and seems symmetrical to those in the south wall.

Surrounded by the Gobi desert in the north and south, it is so concealed that no one can find it without going there. In many dynasties, it was served as a military depot where food and clothes for the soldiers were supplied. And now Hecang city has been one of the rare surviving military storages for tourists to review its history.

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Hecang city is located in Gobi Desert, 20 kilometers from Yumenguan Pass.

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