Yangguan Museum

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Yangguan Museum was built during the reign of Emperor Hanwu of the West Han Dynasty. It has been well protected by waters and mountains around and echoes with Yumen Pass, and therefore known as an important pass of defending the invasion of the northwest nomads in the Han Dynasty. And because of its special location, it used to be an important gateway on the Silk Road. With its long history, rich cultural connotations, and the special location, Yangguan has formed a unique local regional culture.

In the Yangguan heritage scenic area, many scenic spots assemble, making Yangguan one of the most intensive distributions of Dunhuang cultural relics. Besides there is a historical heritage site of a history of 2,000 years, natural landscape of the desert oasis and modern human landscape. The beacon tower of Han Dynasty is on towering mountains, known as the "eyes and ears of Yangguan." It is the witness of the history of Yangguan. Yangguan Museum is located at the heart of the scenic area, 800 meters away from the site of the south beacon tower. In the south of it is the Antique Beach where the site of the Yangguan relics is situated.

So far, it has been the biggest scenic museum in Gansu.

Solo Adventure Tips:


Yangguan Museum located in the southwest Dunhuang on the “Antique Beach”, 7o kilometers away from the downtown.

How to Get There?

You can charter a vehicle to go there.

Ticket Price:

40 Yuan

Opening Hours:

From 8:00 to 18:00

More Tips:

1.The price for chartering a vehicle is about 150 and you can bargain on it.

2.You need to protect yourselves from being burned by the sun.

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