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China in December

December is not ranked as an ideal month to visit China, due to the severe cold in most areas of China. In December, it’s freezing cold and very windy in North China, with the temperature of about -28°C in Northeast China. In Central China, the weather is even terrible due to its bone-chilling cold and damp weather condition. The temperature in South China is relatively ok, in contrast to that of North and Central China, but it’s still cold and very damp. For instance, the lowest temperature in Guilin of South China is about -1°C.

Beijing in Winter

Beijing in December

While visiting China in December, according to different needs and interests of tourists, each South or North China is blessed with its advantages. For instance, tourists who are keen on skiing and not afraid of the cold can travel to North China to experience the exciting snow activities in those famous ski resorts, such as Harbin and Jilin. On contrary, tourists who dislike the cold weather can travel to South China to enjoy the mild weather, such as Guangzhou, Hainan Island and Yunnan Province.

15-Day China Holiday in Love

December Packing Suggestion

North: Due to the severe cold weather, very warm and thick clothes should be worn, such as down jackets, cotton-padded jackets, thermal underwear, cotton glove, scarf and warms shoes.

Central: Due to the chilly and damp weather condition, warm clothes such as down jackets are needed.

South: Though it’s not that cold in South China, warm clothes are still necessary.

Why Visit China in December

1. For most areas of China, December is not the peak tourist season. Thus, most of the scenic spots are not crowded and good discounts on hotels and flights can be got easily.

2. In North China, especially in Northeast China, it starts to snow from December, providing an ideal opportunity for tourists to experience skiing and snow activities.

3. The weather is relatively mild in South China, suitable for traveling there.

Beware of Some Conditions during a December Visit

The severe cold weather attacks most areas of China. Thus, it’s very chilly and windy in those areas.

Top December Destinations

Hainan Island

Hainan Island is recognized as the best tourist destination to spend the cold winter in China, thanks to its favorable weather condition, such as beautiful beaches and warm sunshine. Every year, Chinese people living in North and Central China flock to Hainan Island to spend the cold winter. These years, an increasing number of tourists at home and abroad come to Hainan to spend their winter holiday. 

Sanya in Winter

Sanya, Hainan Province


Harbin is deservedly ranked as the winter paradise for tourists, due to its snow and ice landscape. Tourists can appreciate the Ice Lantern Exhibition, admire Snow Sculpture on the Sun Island, Watch Winter Swimming Performance and take part in Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival. There are also a number of snow resorts welcoming you in December, such as Yabuli Ski Resort, Grand World of Ice and Snow, Sun Island Scenic Area and Moon Bay Ski Resort. Thus, if you are not afraid of the cold and love the world of snow, Harbin is a good choice.


In December, it is very chilly and it begins to snow in Beijing. As Beijing is blessed with a number of various ski resorts, including Badaling Ski Resort, Huaibei Ski Resort, Jindinghu Ski Resort, Jundushan Ski Resort, Lingshan Ski Resort, Nanshan Ski Resort, Pinggu Ski Resort, Shijinglong Ski Resort, Yunju Ski Resort and Xueshijie Ski Resort, it’s an ideal venue for tourists to enjoy snow-activities.


Yunnan boasts pleasant weather and beautiful natural scenery all year round. It has a spring-like climate and a number of tourists will come to scenic cities of Yunnanto spend their holidays, such as Lijiang, Kunming, Dali and Xishuangbanna.

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