China in July

July can be ranked as the hottest month of China, with the temperature ranging from 17 ºC to 33 ºC in most areas. In North China, it’s dry and burning hot, which makes people suffer from sunstroke easily. In South China, the sultry weather will make people sweat excessive perspiration, though it often rains. Thus, while traveling to China during this month, tourists had better choose some summer resorts which are not so hot. As July is the peak tourist holiday season in China, there are a large number of Chinese people traveling. Thus, major scenic spots are crowded and there is some inconvenience for traveling, such as booking hotels and getting tickets. Tourists who plant to travel to China during this month should prepare for the journey several days in advance, such as booking tickets and hotels.

July Packing Suggestion

North: As its burning hot in North China, tourists need to bring short-sleeved shirts, shorts, sandals, sun cream, sun glasses, sunbonnets and beach umbrella

Central: Tourists need to bring short-sleeved shirts, shorts, sandals, sun cream, sun glasses and sunbonnets.

South: As it’s rainy and sultry, sun cream, sun glasses, sunbonnets and beach umbrella are necessary.

Why Visit China in July?

1. Packing is easier and not bulky, bringing lots of convenience for travelers.

2. Though it’s hot, traveling to the seaside cities and summer resorts is a good choice, which is also comfortable.

3. The scenery in some areas of China is at its best in July.

Beware of Some Conditions during a July Visit

1. It’s really burning hot in most areas of China. Tourists need to attach much importance to sunstroke prevention.

2. July is the peak tourist holiday season, when there are so many tourists traveling, making most of the scenic spots very crowded.

Top July Destinations


Guilin, located in Guangxi Province of China, is celebrated as China's most picturesque city for its breathtaking natural scenery. In Guilin, the famous Li River, listed as one of the world’s top ten watery wonders by America’s National Geographic Magazine, snakes through a fairy-tale landscape of conical limestone peaks with its smooth waters exquisitely mirroring the magical scenery. Besides, as it’s so hot in July, in order to relieve summer heat, many tourists choose to experience the exciting water sports, such as rafting on Zijiang River, Wupaihe Rafting and climbing Gudong Waterfall.  

Rafting on Zijiang River covers 22.5km, with 45 shoals and 31 turns, which is a thrilling experience. Rafting on the river, you will find yourself in a long passage of landscape painting. There are over 60 scenic attractions along the river, among which are the Sweep Stone, the Magical Elephant Drinking Water, and A Break of the Sky, The Supernatural Being Mountain Stronghold, and The Torch Mount.

Gudong Waterfall features its unique way of enjoying waterfalls. Being different from the ordinary way of viewing the waterfall, visitors can experience the excitement personally by climbing a rushing waterfall-battling. In the hot summer, many people choose to climb into the waterfall, which is just like the sport of rock climbing in the cool water, exciting and cool. Maybe it’s a good way for people to relax themselves, relieve summer heat and the stress of work by climbing the waterfall.

Qinghai Lake

Qinghai Lake is the largest inland saltwater lake in China, with an elevation of 3,200 meters above sea level. Seen from afar, Qinghai Lake looks like a blue sapphire mounted in the vast expanse of the plateau. In July, beautiful rape flowers are in full bloom there, which gladden the heart and please the eyes.

Besides, Tour of Qinghai Lake International Road Cycling Race, the largest international road cycling race in China with the largest number of participating teams and the highest bonus, is usually held from Jul. 16 to Jul. 25 around Qinghai Lake. The race route centers on the beautiful Qinghai Lake and extends to the surrounding area with enchanting natural scenery along the route where the participants can enjoy the unique natural scenery while they are racing simultaneously, such as majestic mountains, limpid rivers, golden fields, old pagodas, green forests and the beautiful limpid water of Qinghai Lake. Besides, the opening ceremony of the cycling race is an important part of the cycling race with artistic performance with regional characteristics and traditional folk culture.


Weihai, a prefecture-level seaport city located on the northern coast of Shandong Peninsula, is neither so cold in winter nor so hot in summer, which is the ideal place to spend the hot summer, with beautiful beach scenery. There are some wonderful holiday resorts in Weihai, such as Rongcheng Tian'ehu Lake Holiday Resort (Swan Lake Holiday Resort) with crystal water, golden beach, azure sky and agreeable climate. Besides, Weihai International Beach Resort is a natural beach with mild weather, beautiful sand, clean water and gentle sand slopes. There are also some water entertainments like speedboats, yachts and motorboats Weihai International Beach Resort. Thus, in the hot summer, Weihai is really a good place for swimming, recreation and holidays.

Huanglong Scenic and Historic Interest Area

Huanglong Scenic and Historic Interest Area, located in Songpan County of Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan Province, was listed on the World Heritage List. It becomes famous for its unique landscape, abundant natural resources, well-protected primordial ecosystem and important scientific and aesthetic values, attracting numerous tourists every year for its great snow mountain which is as magnificent as that of Canada, the canyon as marvelous as that of Wyoming, the virgin forest as thick as that of Colorado and the travertine colored pools as colorful as that of Yellowstone National Park.

There are also a large variety of valuable species in the area. According to incomplete statistics, there are 1,300 species of plants in the protection area. The national protective trees and plants include Cercidiphyllum japonicum, Tetracentron sinense, Larix mastersiana, hemlock spruce, Taxus chinensis, Snow Lotus Herb and Picea brachytyla. Besides, there are also abundant animal resources, such as giant pandas, golden monkeys, takins, leopards, Hailaeetus leucryphus, lynx, sambar, red deer, goral, Tragopan temminckii.

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